Android Tablet with Kodi


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Android Tablet with KODI

Android Tablet with KODI is a fully loaded device with unparalleled specifications. Awe-inspiring design and advanced features make it useful for the user while one-year warrantee frees your mind from the tension of loss as you can replace it anytime if finds any software or hardware issue. 7” large screen size lets you play games and watch movies with great comfort while the Quad Core Android Lollipop processer and 1GB RAM make it a worthwhile investment.

Specification of Android Tablet with KODI

  • Quad Core Processor and 1GB ddr3 RAM
  • Built-in Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity.
  • Access to Google Play Store
  • 16 GB nand Storage capacity.
  • Micro SD availability to store songs and movies.
  • 7 inch 178 degree viewing IPS screen.
  • Better screen and colors with 2 times better viewing angles.
  • Fast browsing and no slowing down issues.
  • Crisp text and high brightness.
  • No blur screen and high resolution power.

Android Streaming Media offers one-year warranty of the tablet and provide complete customer support 24/7. In the case of any defect or help, you can contact us and we are always happy to solve your issues. Contact us now and order this Android Tablet with KODI to enjoy your life in a new and innovative way!

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