Product Description

Ethernet Powerline Adapter

Slow internet is frustrating and hard to bear especially when you need to browse something important. Ethernet Powerline Adaptor is the best solution to your slow internet problem and from now on you will not have to ruin the fun of your favorite movie just because of buffering. No need to change your internet connection and use it on your existing internet system.

How to Install Ethernet Powerline Adaptor?

Two Ethernet cables and 2 single port Ethernet power lines are required for this purpose. It’s already designed in a user-friendly way and requires no further configuration. All you need is to plug in one adapter in your existing wireless router and then connect it to the electrical outlet. Similarly, the second adapter will plug in another electrical outlet and later into the device.

Benefits of Ethernet Powerline Adapter

  • No new internet connection is required.
  • Boosts the speed of your computers and other devices.
  • No impact of data traffic and wiring issues.
  • Maximum capacity to transfer data.

Ethernet powerline adapter is an easy and effective solution to slow internet problem which happens due to the poor wiring system, weather, and low signals. Android Stream Media offers Ethernet Powerline Adaptor at affordable cost along with free shipment.